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The Other Side of 65

“Repositioning who we are and what we do”

Martha Russell is a Career Consultant, Coach and Owner of Russell Career Services currently located in Battle Ground, WA.  She is an internationally acclaimed speaker and workshop facilitator on career development, career choices, and career management themes including professional growth and workplace alignment issues. Her coaching and career counseling practice reaches out to individuals of all ages who recognize that work and life are interconnected in multiple ways.  

Martha’s current work focuses on the transitions individuals and groups face as they enter their senior years, whether retired or still working.  Together, she and her clients explore how life roles impact individuals who are reaching an age of maturity, preparing for those years and/or finding themselves charting unknown paths as they age. The process of working together helps client identify, plan and live a life of purpose.

Her work in the pursuit of “Repositioning who we are and what we do” forms the framework for “The Other Side of 65”. This includes themes such as:

She invites you to be a part of that journey and looks forward to working with you.

Martha Russell , M.S., NCC

Martha Russell, MS, NCC

Russell Career Services

PO Box 2647

Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: 360-921-2571

Connecting People with Purpose”

Photo of Washington's Mt. St. Helen's courtesy of Harry Russell